We’ll let the picture albums on the Jubilee Photos page tell you most of the story (and if you have some to contribute,  please email them to us)  but we’ll just say it was pretty incredible to see alums and faculty representing five decades gather Friday night to celebrate Lee.

A few snippets and a few bonus links (we’ll add more as we get them):

  1. *Doris Countee was there at 93, hugging students and hearing stories about what happened when she wasn’t looking.

  1. *Eleanor Grant, Henri Gadbois and Linda (Mama) Shuler reminiscing with all of their students, especially Richard Dowling and Andy Fickman.

  1. *Bill Yeoman cracking everyone up from the stage.

* Dowling’s acceptance speech -- a Gershwin medley on the piano.

  1. *Andy Fickman told us all about his first chance to direct, which was a video project for Miss Countee’s Oceanography class. We found it, so click here to see  how it all started. And, yes,  they can’t believe they got an A!

  1. *ZZ Top was rocking in Midland Friday night, but Billy Gibbons was there in spirit, music tracks and on the screen. Here’s the Reverend’s renegade greeting . . . a haw, haw, haw.

  1. * Here is Henri Gadbois’ acceptance speech, courtesy of Buz Burkhead, class of ’70.

  2. *

  3. *And, finally, the video we showed at the dinner celebrating 50 years of Lee

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