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Alumni donations are the lifeblood of any alumni association and the Lee Alumni Association is no different. Without them there would be no 50th JubiLEE, no website, no alumni events, no mentoring program, no scholarships, and very little in the way of gifts to fund programs for both the alumni and the school.

Won’t you join us or consider contributing?


We can offer you a website/place to consolidate all Lee alumni (including faculty/staff) information and connections, invitations to all our events, a future newsletter, the listing of your name as a donor in our publications/website, and our gratitude. But most of all, you’ll be part of the association responsible all that we do for the alumni, the school and the students.


Over the last 18 months we’ve been blessed with a handful of donations and folks putting in a lot of hard work.

The results?

* 50th JubiLEE Celebration

* Website

* The Last Walk through Lee

* a 50th Anniversary R.E. Lee HS Alumni Directory

* Mentor program

* Hall of Honor

* Scholarship program

* Faculty/student outreach

* Lee Sports Banquet sponsor

* new seating areas in the library, courtesy of Finger Furniture

* new equipment for Lee athletic programs

* alumni volunteers working with campus college day, career events, campus cleanup

But we need your help to fund these projects and other future endeavors. Most of Lee’s history (including trophies, plaques and photos) have been lost over the years and we hope to pull together a history project and expand the Hall of Honor. We’re already working on replacing football trophies and restoring a historic painting of Robert E. Lee, which was given to the school.

Please take a moment to register/donate.


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We also welcome any friends of Lee. That can be businesses/corporations, faculty/staff anyone who had children who attended Lee or people who just want to lend a hand to a an alumni group and school with a rich tradition.

* Please note we are a 501 (c) 3 registered charitable entity. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.


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