NEW Building


To answer a few questions:

* The new building will be constructed behind the current one.

  1. *The current building will be used until the new building is complete in 2017, then it will be torn down to create parking, a grand entrance and athletic fields.

  1. *We’re thrilled that new principal Jonathan Trinh is committed to having the history of Lee at the new campus and wants alumni involvement. We are working on details of a project now and will get back to you on it.

                                SITE PLAN -- APRIL, 2015

Below is the site plan for the new school.

The plan has been through countless drawings and orientations and has been adjusted twice for two separate Lee administrations. While not perfect, it fulfills all of HISD’s current requirements for high schools -- from “21st century learning” to baseball, softball and football/soccer fields and tennis courts.

Here are answers to the most asked FAQs:

1) HISD is doing the same constructions everywhere --  build new building behind/beside the old school, which continues to be utilized, then, once new facility is complete, the old one becomes parking, fields, etc.... can't get around that.

2) J track -- there was no where on the site build that could handle all the fields and tennis courts HISD requires and a full track. We sat there for hours one day talking about it. There was a natatorium at one point, but that was replaced by CTE.

3) Unity may or may not be closed. That is still a question mark because of utility issues with the City of Houston although HISD did buy and tear down the old apartment complex.

  1. 4) Part of this diagram is still in flux, including the football/soccer field. We’ll continue to give you updates as things get clearer.


A few pictures of the Spring 2015 demolition needed to begin construction...


A peek at the new building . . . expected 2017


Here are a few quick drawings of the new school as well as some exterior/interior pictures.

There is another page devoted to the first 50 years - THE CAMPUS

Everything is a work-in-progress at this point, but here is one of the area color schemes from the Aug. 7, 2014 meeting. Exterior as above.