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We celebrated 50 years of Robert E. Lee in the fall of 2012 at the Westin Galleria. 
 For photos from the weekend, click here.
Below is a link to the video we showed at the dinner



To keep the  alumni connected and informed and

to help support Robert E. Lee High School


This effort is wholly on the part of former Lee students. This is not a for-profit group and is not associated with any for-profit companies soliciting Lee alumni.

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Who are,  who are, who are ...we?

We are, we are. . .  Robert E. Lee!



We are a 501(c)(3)  and any donation you make is tax deductible. Checks can be made to RELHSAA and sent to P.O. Box 571762, Houston, Texas 77257-1762


We’re always looking for old photos or memorabilia to add to the site. Maybe it’s a collection of spirit ribbons, a photo from the Marselee dump or something from an  oceanography class trip.

If you want to share, please scan and send along with names to



Class of ’87 30th - March 31, Cadillac Bar. Contact Class Act.

Class of ’97 20th - They’re working on a summer date. Allison Sanches Emmett is chairing it.

We’ve put together albums from past class reunions, so enjoy We’ll list information on 2016 reunions as we receive it.


We’re still selling surplus yearbooks for $20 each.  To purchase or donate email Melanie

Welcome to the homepage for the Robert E. Lee High School (Houston TX) Alumni Association, Inc.  where it’s  . . . generals..... always!!


 On May 12, the HISD Board of Trustees voted to rename Robert E. Lee HS. Beginning in the fall of 2016, it will be Margaret Long Wisdom HS, named for long-time Lee teacher Tiny Wisdom, who spent 38 years teaching in HISD and mentoring teachers. While so many of us never wanted the name changed, the board, citing Lee’s ties to the Confederacy, voted to change Lee and 7 other HISD schools.

Tiny/The Wiz graduated from San Jacinto HS and Rice and taught at Milby, Lanier and Lamar before finishing out the last 2 1/2 decades of her career at Lee. She was a history teacher, Saber sponsor and a teacher whose passion was Lee -- the students and faculty. She served as president of the Congress of Houston Teachers and retired in 1988, but before she left, she earned a number of Teacher of the Year awards and served on the national advisory board to Education Secretaries William Bennett and Laura Cavazos. She passed away in 2006.

She was a General - just like we are. And always will be.

The name of the site will not change. We’ll continue to post reunions, information on alums and  get together. Among our plans will be one last gathering at Lee next year before the school is torn down.

We’ll keep you posted on construction on the New Building page and will update as well on plans for a history/alumni area honoring the first 54 years of Lee.




If you haven’t signed up, please CLICK HERE And, if you want to help with a Happy Hour or have a suggestion for one, contact Melanie Hauser (’71) or Alex Johnson (’74).